Thursday, April 17, 2008

Michael's Funeral

It was actually a really wonderful experience. I'd never been in a big Jewish temple before, had never been a pallbearer, had never been to a funeral for as close of a friend (had to stop, find the song on youtube and now have it playing in the background), hadn't dreamed of the person until the morning after he died, had never shovelled dirt onto a casket before, etc., etc., etc. This all took place between 5:30 AM yesterday and about half an hour ago when we got home.

The way the flights worked, we flew into Providence but out from Boston, so Liz and I visited our first three apartments together in Allston and Brighton. After that we walked around HBS where I used to work when the kids were born.

It was strange going back to his house afterwards, when I'd just had dinner with him there in December. Nancy and Celine were there, and it was really nice seeing them and talking with them.

I want to publicly thank our friend Jeannie and her son Johno for taking care of Katie and Zack yesterday and today while we were gone, especially with everything Jeannie had going on last night after we left and today. Jeannie, all I can say is, you're amazing and we're very lucky to have you in our lives.